The Loneliest Tree in the World

The last known specimen of E. Woodii is a relic of an unimaginably different earth. Let the Palm House Supervisor at Kew Gardens, David Cooke, walk you through its Jurassic past and ‘unfrondly’ future.

Once providing shade for triceratops, perches for pterodactyls, and tasty snacks for brontosauruses, cycads have been around for over 300 million years. In the Jurassic period, cycads made up 20% of all plant matter on Earth and spanned every corner of the globe. 

With the age of the cycad long gone, the last known, and likely loneliest, specimen of Encephalartos Woodii lives on in London's Kew Gardens. E. Woodii is a relic of an unimaginably different earth, one that remembers the close embrace of Pangea and a time when palms presided over the planet.