Coral Reef Revival

From broken spirits to breaking science, Dr. David Vaughan revitalizes our hope for coral reefs with an accelerated coral growing technique that will leave you in pieces.

In his lifetime, Dr. David Vaughan has observed the loss of 25-40% of the world’s corals due to global warming and ocean acidification. At the near breaking of his spirit, Dr. Vaughan miraculously discovered an accelerated coral growing process having broken a coral specimen by accident.

Through the process of microfragmentation, a typically slow growing coral is stimulated into a state of rapid healing and accelerated growth. Growing 25 to 40 times faster than normal, ecologically important reef building coral is being grown in Dr. Vaughn’s land-based lab and later grafted back into the Florida reef.

Feel hopeful for the ocean with this revitalizing mini-documentary from The Atlantic.