Celebrating the unusually curious and their visions of the natural world.

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Collecting the World:
Inside the Smithsonian

While the Smithsonian Natural History Museum has over 144 million objects in its collection, 99% of its treasure remains behind the scenes. Explore the secrets of the natural world through a myriad of drawers, jars, and a host of eager guardians.

Shaping the Origins of Life with Elzbieta Kurowska

Capturing the moment when lifeless, ambiguous matter is transformed into simple, living organisms, Elzbieta Kurowska recreates the creation of life itself in vivid, organic form.

An Intimate Expanse
with Danny sanchez

Framing the spaces between the known and the unknown, gemologist and artist, Danny J Sanchez subverts scale, depth, and composition to expose whole worlds in imperceptibly small places.

The Loneliest Tree in the World

The last known specimen of E. Woodii is a relic of an unimaginably different earth. Let the Palm House Supervisor at Kew Gardens, David Cooke, walk you through its Jurassic past and ‘unfrondly’ future.

Changes in Matter

With humble hands and a charming curiosity, chemistry teacher-turned-sculptor, Bobby Jaber, recreates his elemental knowledge in physical form.

Machines in Motion
with Jonathan Mccabe

Generating mind-altering visions from computer and code, Jonathan McCabe explores the secrets of the natural world, going under the skin and beyond the eye.

Coral Reef Revival

From broken spirits to breaking science, Dr. David Vaughan revitalizes our hope for coral reefs with an accelerated coral growing technique that will leave you in pieces.