Faculty highlights diversity in the study of the natural world.

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Coral Reef Revival

From broken spirits to breaking science, Dr. David Vaughan revitalizes our hope for coral reefs with an accelerated coral growing technique that will leave you in pieces.


The Story of the Sun

Appearing like scenes from science fiction, astrophotographer Alan Friedman shows us the unexpected portraits and personalities of our local celestial body, the Sun.


Brief Encounters

of the Aquatic Kind

Armed with a gas-station diving mask, a child’s scoop net, and a repurposed pickle jar,
Wes Shinego recalls a few of his brief visits with memorable friends.


Interfering Iridescence

When we look closely, what was once domestic can seem otherworldly. Go beyond the everyday with this incredible vision of iridescence in its simplest form.


Natural Selections: NAP

A sonic account of an unintentional ingestion of Amanita bisporigera, or Destroying Angel, one of the world’s most poisonous mushrooms. Vancouver’s Daniel Rincon, aka NAP, lets its undulating toxicity wash over us until it all washes away.


Linden Gledhill

Exploring the creative power of the microscopic lens, Linden Gledhill talks about his intrinsically intertwined worlds of art and science.


The Diatomist

A relic of artistry from the Victorian times, the painstaking arrangement of single-celled algae is the peculiar fascination of modern diatomist, Klaus Kemp.