Faculty highlights diversity in the study of the natural world.

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The Loneliest Tree in the World

The last known specimen of E. Woodii is a relic of an unimaginably different earth. Let the Palm House Supervisor at Kew Gardens, David Cooke, walk you through its Jurassic past and ‘unfrondly’ future.


Mandy Barker

Environmentally-focused photographer, Mandy Barker, illuminates the material and the immaterial with a body of work that is as aesthetically flawless as it is intentionally awry.


Changes in Matter

With humble hands and a charming curiosity, chemistry teacher-turned-sculptor, Bobby Jaber, recreates his elemental knowledge in physical form.


A Machine in Motion

Generating mind-altering visions from computer and code, Jonathan McCabe explores the secrets of the natural world, going under the skin and beyond the eye.


Coral Reef Revival

From broken spirits to breaking science, Dr. David Vaughan revitalizes our hope for coral reefs with an accelerated coral growing technique that will leave you in pieces.


The Story of the Sun

Appearing like scenes from science fiction, astrophotographer Alan Friedman shows us the unexpected portraits and personalities of our local celestial body, the Sun.


Brief Encounters

of the Aquatic Kind

Armed with a gas-station diving mask, a child’s scoop net, and a repurposed pickle jar,
Wes Shinego recalls a few of his brief visits with memorable friends.